What Have We Done For You This Week?

As the election nears very quickly there are a number of races where friends of the industry are in very challenging races. The Legislative Committee discussed these races at their meeting onFriday and wanted to make the membership aware of these races as well as to allow for a collection mechanism for members to support these candidates. TRUKPAC the political action committee of the Association has the ability to collect contributions and distribute them directly to these candidates based on your wishes. Please follow this link to the OTA website to start this process. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Tom Balzer  or phone him at 614-653-0290.


In The News

Successful Companies Don’t Adapt, They Prepare

In 1960, Harvard professor Theodore Levitt published a landmark paper in Harvard Business Review that urged executives to adapt by asking themselves, “What business are we really in?” He offered the both the railroad companies and Hollywood studios as examples of industries that failed to adapt because they defined their business incorrectly.

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