What Have We Done For You This Week?
This week Doug Sibila of Peoples Services in Canton hosted a TRUKPAC Fundraiser. The fundraiser was held in a 100-year-old barn that has been rehabbed and was an extremely enchanting venue. TRUKPAC is the political action committee of the Ohio Trucking Association and funded by the personal contributions of interested parties that support the trucking industry. Contributions to TRUKPAC must be checks from individuals, partnerships, LPA's, LLC's LLP's and sole proprietorships. TRUKPAC has a long history of providing contributions to candidates who have a track record of supporting the trucking industry regardless of political party affiliation. Some legislative campaigns in Ohio can top one million dollars in cost and therefore support is vital to keeping those in office who provide a opportunity for the trucking industry to voice our opinions on issues.
In The News

CVSA Road check to Emphasize Cargo Securement

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will put a special emphasis on cargo securement in this year’s International Road check, scheduled for June 6-8.

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