What Have We Done For You This Week?

This week the Ohio Trucking Association hosted its annual TRUKPAC at Treo event. This is the largest fundraiser for the political action committee that supports candidates who support the trucking industry. Thank you to all those who attended and supported this worthy cause. A special thanks to Dean & Kim Kaplan, Ed Nagle, and Don Bowling for all the work they put into recruiting supporters of the event. Former OTA president Don Smith always said, "You can't buy a vote, but you can rent an ear" rings true today as it did when he said it over 30 years ago. TRUKPAC provides the support necessary to secure those ears. To learn more about TRUKPAC go to www.trukpac.us



In The News

Can Big Trucks be Hacked?

If you have read any of the headline stories about the trio of researchers from the University of Michigan who successfully hacked into the J1939 databus of a 2006-model-year truck, you might now believe that it's discouragingly easy.

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