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On Wednesday, July 12 we said goodbye to a wonderful friend and loyal Ohio Trucking Association Board Member, Jeremy Rayl. Jeremy Rayl was the President & CEO of JRayl Transport in Akron, Ohio. Jeremy received his business degree from John Carroll University, and started at JRayl Transport by cleaning trucks, but soon climbed his way to the top. Under Jeremy's leadership, JRayl employed more than 400 people, with terminals in four states. Jeremy was not only an outstanding advocate for the trucking industry, but for his community and the environment. Jeremy's vision included operating the largest fleet of trucks fueled by compressed natural gas. As the leader of a carrier with a large presence in northeast Ohio, Jeremy ensured that his employees were well taken care of and achieving their personal goals. Because of his determination and care, JRayl was selected on multiple occasions as a Top Workplace in northeast Ohio. We will deeply miss Jeremy, and we extend our sympathy to his family and his coworkers.
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