What Have We Done For You This Week?
This week the Ohio Trucking Association traveled the state, in an effort to better engage and listen to member needs and concerns. President & CEO, Thomas Balzer, and Director of Membership, Evan Newman, set out and made 9 different visits to member and nonmember companies all across Ohio. During their time on the road, they spoke with company executives on the key issues they are facing in the industry. Common themes in many of the discussions were a desire to stay informed on legislative issues, remain up to date on education trends, specifically safety, and finding ways to save time and money in their business. Fortunately, the Ohio Trucking Association offers various solutions in each of these areas that were discussed and are continuing to work to discover and implement cutting edge solutions to keep our members ahead in their day to day operations. If you're interested in a terminal visit to discuss issues or trends in the industry, email Tom at tom@ohiotrucking.org or Evan at evan@ohiotrucking.org.